What You Need to Know About Ridesharing Apps and the New Sharing Economy

Constantly, we're bombarded in the news about the new sharing economy. Ridesharing apps are all the rage. Names like Uber and Lyft are in the news and coming to cities across the country. While we see the need for ride share apps such as these, what’s been hitting the news is just part of the story…

Even beyond pricing, theres more behind the scenes

Using a ride share app can have it’s advantages and is often less expensive for a short ride. But for longer rides, you’ll be surprised that you can actually save money by using a traditional car service. Even beyond pricing, there’s a lot more behind the scenes.

Ride share apps are not subject to state laws and regulations that are put in place to protect passengers.  LeGault Limousine is a New York State 19A Certified Service company by the Department of Transportation and is audited yearly to ensure we:

  • Ensure each driver takes an annual safety test by the Department of Transportation
  • Subject to random drug testing
  • Each driver is finger printed, background checked and documented
  • All LeGault Limousine vehicles have over $4m in liability coverage per vehicle

We all know how traveling on the road can be dangerous. Our first priority is to keep our passengers safe.  We know safety is your number one priority too. Then why would you put your wife, husband or child in a vehicle that’s not regulated?  In some cases you may pay a little more with us, but now you know why.