How We Compare

We’re bombarded in the news about the new sharing economy. Almost every day we hear names like Lyft and Uber. These on demand services continue to rise in popularity and we’d like to educate you on the key differences between our companies. We pride ourselves on our impeccably kept vehicles, our professionalism, and service. Learn more about how we separate ourselves from the competition.

Even with pricing, you’d be surprised how we compare.
Features to Consider    
Scheduled Reservations Yes No
On Demand Services (Texting Available) Yes Yes
On-Time Guarantee Yes No
Surge Pricing No Yes
Driver Background Checks Yes No
Driver Finger Printing Yes No
Driver Drug Testing Yes No
Live Customer Service Yes No
High-End Luxury Vehicles Yes No
Millions in Liability Coverage Yes No
Credit Card Payments Yes Yes

You have many options to choose from for your transportation needs. We offer peace of mind with our reliability, pre-reserved service, well-kept luxury vehicles, outstanding customer service, and put safety first with all of our rides. 

Call or text us today to make your next reservation. You can even text the owner Roger at (585) 455-5409.